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7 Effective Ways to Deal with Menopause Syndrome

Periods doesn’t go easy on women.Most women do wish their periods never return. At the same time, women go through a lot of emotional stress during the course of menopause. Most women in the modern world have very good awareness towards periods and menopause cycle. They are very well aware of the changes menopause brings in to their hormones and at the same time how it affects them both physically and mentally.

If a woman who has crossed 40 years of age, finds herself to be emotional, lacking patience and shows signs of short temper or getting tired way too often. It might just be a sign of menopause. It is essential that she understands this. We can avoid post menopause troubles if we understand why menopause happens and what are its signs.

Why Menopause?

Each and every woman has a certain number of the ovum in their ovaries. Ovaries produce reproductive hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Due to this once a girl reaches her puberty, period cycles starts. Once these ovum counts in the ovaries are emptied, periods stops. If a middle-aged woman doesn’t go through period cycles for one whole year, we can safely assume it to be menopause.

There is no fixed age for menopause. It differs from person to person due to many factors. For some women, there could be irregular periods due to many reasons and in some cases, this delay may take up to 6 months. We cannot conclude this to be menopause.

What are the symptoms?

  • Irregular periods, too much bleeding or way too little bleeding, period cycles duration decreasing to a mere 15 days, lack of interest towards sex, anger, skin dryness, sweating too much, frequent urination can be signs of menopause.
  • It’s common to notice mood swing during menopause. Due to this, they may experience fear, anxiety, lack of sleep, memory loss and these symptoms can be boosted to a large degree.
  • A woman on menopause may experience calcium deficiency. Due to this, they may experience pain in knee joints. So it’s good to take in calcium and Vitamin D supplements with Doctor’s direction.
  • In some rare cases, menopause can be triggered as early as 30 years of age. So it’s really essential to have a healthy diet and indulge in physical exercises that keep the body and mind in balance and in a happy state.

Woman’s body prepares itself for menopause several years before its occurrence.Woman’s body can start to prepare itself as early as 45 years for the menopause that would happen at 52 years, this is termed as perimenopause time period. During this stage, a woman goes through a lot of emotional problems.

Due to this, whatever existing problems they might have with their relationships can get much worse. During menopause period, a woman might experience a sudden rise in their body temperature (Hot flushes). They can also experience low-self esteem, lack self-confidence, may cry very frequently, this is termed as menopause syndrome.

What are the effective ways to deal with Menopause Syndrome?

1. Every woman goes through menopause and every woman experiences emotional battles due to it, understanding this is very essential.

2. Interacting with other women of similar age, sharing difficulties and emotional problems they go through can be of great help.

3. Exercising and changing to healthy food habits do help a lot

4. Having regular counseling session with a professional psychiatrist or psychologist.

5. Feeling positive about ourselves and our body structure.

6. Focusing our attention on things we love to do, can be great diversion to feelings of fear and anxiety

7. Men in the family, be it husband or a son must provide emotional support to a woman who goes through menopause.