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7 Colours and Psychology Attached to It

everybody loves colors. One of the best things about nature is its colors. We enjoy the light blue sky, lush green forests, misty white fog, colorful flowers, and what not. Colors are something that lights up our life on a day to day basis. But do you know there is a direct link between colors and our daily activities?

Many popular celebrities, politicians still use colors as a way to influence their fans and followers. Each color has its own emotions, and moods attached to it. Colors have both positive and negative impact on us. Colors that surrounds us induce happiness, peace, anger, excitement and many other emotions in us. Doctors call this as Color Psychology.

Red Color

Red color strongly attracts people’s attention. It denotes strength and control. It not only induces emotions like love, and sex, it also has a deep connection towards anger and danger. It is for this reason red is used in traffic signs. Most women use red to gather attention and attraction towards them. For example, red is the most predominant color of lipstick. Wearing red clothes increases our self-confidence. At the same time, the sight of red color increases our heart beat and breathing frequency. We should keep in mind that our blood is red in color.

Black Color

Black denotes fear. It has the capacity to increase our self-confidence and capability. When you wear black clothes it makes you look slim and attractive. For this reason, it is very widely used in the fashion industry. Black has the capacity to bring out our emotions as well. Even today we use black or wear a black dress in funerals.

Green Color

Green makes us believe we are healthy. Whenever we are exposed to the lush green environment, we get that inexplicable feeling of happiness. We all have experienced it, is it not? Green has the capacity to reduce our stress and makes us feel peaceful. It boosts trust and belief. Many hospitals use green colored curtains and screens for this reason.

Yellow Color

Yellow boosts stable mindset. It has the capacity to draw attention from others. At the same time, it can induce feelings of anger and disappointment. If you keep staring at yellow color, you will potentially develop more eye strain. It is for this reason, many offices and work places avoid using this color on their walls. Yellow can improve your digestive capacity. Keep yellow color from your children, as kids easily get angered and frustrated towards it.

Blue Color

The blue color makes us feel peaceful. When we look at the blue sky, blue seas, and things with blue on them, our heart beats get synchronized, and it gives a sense of peace. This color has the capacity to retard the feeling of hunger. So, nobody likes a food item with blue over it. Due to this reason, people who are on diet or want to lose weight are advised to use blue colored plates for their foods. Blue color increases our self-confidence and concentration. So, it is widely used as school uniforms in many schools, same goes with many factories and offices.

White colour

White makes us feel at peace. It denotes purity, cleanliness, being centered, and being uncluttered. Many homes and offices use white colored paint for this reason.

Pink Colour

Pink increases emotions like compassion and empathy. It is mostly loved by women.


These are the common traits attached to each color. But at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily 100 percent reflect the emotions of all individuals. It varies with the way a person is brought up and his living conditions.