Salads are a great way to get the needed supplies of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for our well being. Salads are not really hard to prepare, but its kind of boring to prepare to say the least. At the core of its boring part is cutting and cleaning it. We all wish there is an easy way to do it, just so that we can enjoy the salads.

60 Second salad maker has the best solution to the boring part of salad making process. It comes in two parts. A part that has slits at equal intervals which is made of BPA free plastic and the base part which is made of same material used in cutting boards.

How to Make Salads Using this?

Just put in all the vegetables, fruits and herbs you want to include in your salad in to upper part which has slits. Clean the ingredients in the running water, the slit will also act as an effective strainer. Attach the base part and rest it on a table and start cutting the ingredients inside with your knife all at once using the gaps between slits. You can alter the size of the cuttings by skipping the slips in-between your cuts.

Just rotate the top part at different angles to chop the vegetables and fruits inside further. Once you are done, transfer the chopped contents to a salad bowl and add your favourite topping for consumption.

How to Clean it?

Cleaning the salad maker is super easy, you can easily clean it over running water. Additionally, it is top rack dishwasher safe.

What is the cost?

Original creators of this salad maker priced it at $14 a piece, but you can get similarly designed salad maker in amazon for as cheap as $8 a piece. We always recommend supporting the real creators.

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