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6 Types of Acne and Pimple Scars and its Treatments

Pimples are considered to be one of the worst skin problems. But what’s worse is the scars it leaves behind. Pimples are usually a short-term skin problem, but scars, on the other hand, last for a much longer time frame. Sometimes scars are just permanent.

There are many types of the skin or pimple scars, which are as follows.

Rolling Scars

It appears slightly slanted and rounded in its edges with visible depressions. It is rough in its texture.

Boxcar Scars

It looks like scars due to chicken pox. It appears more like someone has pressed the sharp nails against your skin surface.

Ice Pick Scars

These scars appear like several needles have been poked against your skin surface and removed. It measures less than 2mm in size. For some people, these scars look like a big hole in their skin.

Hypertrophic Scars

For some people, wounds take a longer time to heal. Scars that appear due to those injuries will be thicker and slightly elevated. We call this type of scars as Hypertrophic scars.

Atrophic Scars

This type of scar usually appears when the site of a pimple or acne or infection undergoes an incomplete healing process where the collagen is not produced in enough quantity leading to Atrophic scars. They appear like sunken recess in the skin.

Keloid Scars

We have previously written a detailed article about Keloid scars and its available treatment options. You can check it out in the article linked below. Keloid scars appear at the sight of an injury due to abnormal healing process where the healed part looks slightly elevated and has a shiny outer skin. Pimples that forms at the back can sometimes leave a keloid scar as well.

What is the reason for pimple and skin scars?

Pimples that are large and abnormal in size have a high probability of leaving a scar behind. Some people would try to pinch and squeeze these pimples to remove the pus formation present in it. This action can leave behind a broader and more visible scar behind. Some people use toothpaste, turmeric, neem leaves and many other ingredients to cure pimples off the skin surface, but these elements can negatively impact the skin and leave behind a permanent scar.

When you remove blockheads at a beauty parlor, some stylists instead of removing it gently, they tend to handle it aggressively, this can lead to the formation of scars as well.

Smallpox and chickenpox infections are deeply rooted in the skin structure, so they leave behind scars.


The initial process of the treatment starts with curing the pimples. Only then we can prevent the formation of scars. It is better to bring your pimples to the attention of a Dermatologist in its initial stages. When you effectively treat the appearance of smaller pimples, you can easily prevent the larger ones. Under no circumstance pinch or squeeze your pimples or blockheads. Avoid removing blockheads in a beauty parlor.

Derma Roller

Derma roller is rolled over the skin surface. It has a number of tiny needles made of titanium. This roller is available in various sizes, ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm. Doctors use 1.5 mm roller to hide the scars. Skin will be cleansed, and numbing cream will be applied to the skin surface to make it feel numb. After one hour of application of the numbing cream, it will be wiped clean and 1.5 mm derma roller will be rolled over the skin surface in all directions. After the rolling process anti-biotic ointment is applied, this triggers the healing process of skin damage caused by the roller needles artificially. It will trigger the production of collagen thus leading to the disappearance of the scar.


This treatment will be carried out if the depressions or lesions on the skin surface is lesser in number. Sometimes wound healing process leads to the formation of fibrotic strands, these strands pull the skin surface from inside, leading to the creation of scars. In this treatment, a needle will be inserted into the skin surface to break this fibrotic strands making the scar to disappear. It involves blood loss, pain, and temporary swelling.

Punch Elevation

It is mainly carried out on smallpox or chickenpox scars. A small punching device will be used to punch the affected region and bring our the depressed area. It aids in curing scars.

Micro Needling Radio Frequency

It is carried out using a machine. Small needles present in the device will kindle the formation of collagen. Use of Radiofrequency will fasten up the whole healing process.