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6 Things Not to do After Your Meal

Many doctor’s advice us against doing certain things immediately after having your meal. But most of us never listen to those and ignore it like a boss. But having a better knowledge of bodily changes that we undergo due to this practice will keep us better informed.


Smoking a cigarette immediately after a meal is a bad practice. But many smokers do not feel satisfied with their meal if they don’t smoke immediately. Let’s get this straight, smoking in itself is bad for health. But worse is the case when the person smokes after a meal. A Single cigarette can do the damage of 10 cigarettes if we do.

Taking Bath After the meal

It is always a best practice to take bath before your meal. Taking bath after the meal will lead to increased blood circulation in hands and legs. This can cause restless feeling.

Eating fruits

Many of have the habit of eating fruits immediately after our main course meal. Some people take fruit salads like desserts. We are under a wrong impression that this will accelerate the digestion process. But the truth is just the opposite. Eating fruits immediately after a meal will lead to indigestion, belching, and irritation in the chest. Always have fruits 30 minutes before a meal or 45 minutes after a meal. This will avoid unnecessary problems.

Getting to Sleep

We naturally want to get to sleep immediately after a satisfying meal. A full stomach always makes us hit the bed as soon as possible. But this results in many problems including weight gain and digestion problems. Also, it has the ability to alter our sleeping habits which can lead to sleepless nights. There needs to be a minimum time gap of 90 minutes between a meal and sleep. So next time you have your dinner plan accordingly.

Drinking Tea, Coffee, and Coke

After a satisfying meal, many of us want to go for drinking tea or coffee or a cold coke, because we believe it’s better for digestion. But this is a bad practice. These drinks will prevent our body from absorbing iron in the food we eat.

Ice Cream After the Meals

Many of us go for ice creams after the meal as dessert without any proper time interval. This will increase the sugar and fat levels in blood and will lead to weight gain. It is better to avoid ice creams.