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6 Reasons Why Black Rice is the Best Food In The World

Black rice is richer in nutrients over white and brown rice we use on a regular basis. Black rice has been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. But black rice is cultivated in lesser quantities when compared to other types of rice.

In India, only a particular community called “Chettiyar” which belonged to southern part of India were using this type of rice in the past. Even today they make a special sweet dish out of this black rice which is a common recipe in most of their marriages. Today, people from countries like America, Australia, Britain, and many other European countries have realised its health benefits and started consuming this rice.

The Forbidden Rice

In China, this rice is commonly called as the Forbidden Rice. There is a historical reason for this. Once upon a time in China, the black rice which is known for its numerous health benefits and medicinal properties, has been only used by the Royal families or Kings. But as time passed, many people started to realise its health benefits and goodness, so they started to consume it as well. This increased the demand for this rice which made it hard to find in the market. So the Kings decided to ban it for public consumption. It is due to this reason, the black is rice is commonly called as the forbidden rice even today.

Reason for its Black Colour

One of the notable features of the black rice is its black colour. The reason for its black colour is due to the presence of a colourant known as “Anthocyanin”. This colourant is also found in black grapes, brinjal, purple cabbage, pomegranate, black beans etc.. Anthocyanin helps with healthy functioning of heart, brain, and arteries. When compared to white rice and brown rice, the forbidden rice has lower levels of carbohydrates and higher levels of protein and iron. As the black rice is rich in Vitamin-E it is good for our eyes and skin. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants.

It is Rich in Antioxidants

This rice is rich in antioxidants. So it protects us from diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and weight gain. Fibres present in black rice prevents the increase in sugar levels and helps to regulate it as well. Additionally, it cures constipation, indigestion, gastric trouble, stomach problems, and stomach pain.

Increases Levels of Good Cholesterol

The outer layer of black rice has high levels of anthocyanin. It controls the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries. Additionally, it increases the levels of good cholesterol and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. It prevents the aging of arteries this, in turn, increases the functioning of the heart and keeps it in good shape.

Removes toxins

Toxins are one of the main reasons for various diseases in our body. Photo nutrients present in the black rice will prevent the deposition of toxins in the liver, blood vessels, and colon.

Make sure to buy whole black rice

Black rice and brown rice are similar in taste. They both take little extra time to cook. But make sure to soak it in water for at least 60 minutes before cooking it. This will make it cook better. Black rice is now widely available in many supermarkets. But do keep in mind that most of the health benefits of black rice are present in its bran. So always purchase the whole black rice with its bran intact.

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