5 Things to Know About Easily Digestible Foods

Digestion problems are quite common among people of all age groups. Indigestion seems to be a big problem irrespective of the type of food consumed. So how to prevent this problem?

Our body needs high levels of carbohydrates. Foods rich in carbohydrates are easily digestible. If you cook carbohydrate-rich foods in steam, it gets more easily digested, not to forget about fruits. So Doctors advise this type of foods for their patients. These foods will get easily digested and mixes with our blood more rapidly and make us feel energetic almost instantly. Also, it gets us more hungry for the next food session.

Rice is a carbohydrate-rich food. When cooking rice, it gets converted to disaccharide first and then to a monosaccharide, only then we get cooked rice.

Who needs easily digestible foods?

Babies, seniors, sports person, people suffering from typhoid, diarrhea, cold, fever, and people who want to increase weight, people who have digestion problems can intake carbohydrate rich foods.

Who should consume fewer levels of carbohydrate-rich foods?

Diabetes patients, people who have problems like overweight and constipation. People who travel long distances on a regular basis and those who work a lot needs to intake fewer carbohydrates.

When to eat easily digestible foods?

Older people who are healthy can consume these foods anytime in a day. It’s better to intake fiber rich foods in the night. When you consume easily digestible foods in the night, you might end up hungry in the middle of the night. This could disturb the peaceful night’s sleep. So consuming vegetables and fiber rich foods in excess for dinner is advisable.

Can we consume large amounts of easily digestible foods?

Easily digestible food like rice will get digestible quite rapidly, so some people might end up eating large quantities of it. This is a wrong practice. Excess carbohydrates in the body have the danger of turning into fat. So carbohydrate foods should not be consumed in high quantity.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a number that indicates how fast the sugar in a particular type of food gets mixed with blood. Sugar present in easily digestible foods will easily get mixed with blood, so they have the high glycemic index number. So for people who want to reduce weight and people with diabetes should consider foods with low Glycemic index.