5 Simple and Natural Ways to Lead a Disease Free Life

What would be your answer when someone asks you “Are you living to eat or eating to live?”

We are eating to live would be the most appropriate answer. If you answer otherwise, then you better turn your focus towards the food you eat and monitor it.

Many middle-aged people today have the habit of eating almost the same quantity of food or even more quantity of food which they had while they were in their 20s. What is more pitiable is, most of these people do not even realize that they are eating more than what their body actually needs.

Industrialisation has made food supply so abundant and we now have so many different varieties of foods at our access that are tasty and irresistible. Truth be told, we are always munching on one food or the other most of the time. We have literally become monsters when it comes to putting foods into our mouth one after another.

Overeating is quite common these days, also it is one of the main reasons for many health problems we face today. Some of it includes high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, heart diseases, arthritis, and much much more. We fall victims to diseases that are caused due to overeating more than diseases that are caused due to not eating.

As we age, our body spends only less calories. Also, the metabolic process slows down with age. This is quite natural. But what we fail to do is reduce our food intake as we get old.

This process starts to occur right after 25 years of age. Our body will start to reduce the level of naturally burned calories right after 20 years. Our body will need 100 calories less per day for every 10 years after 20 years of age. If we alter and reduce our food intake based on this, we can effectively maintain a healthy and stable weight. When we consume more food than what is really need by the body, the excessive foods will remain stagnant and stored as fat.

A study conducted in Germany revealed that people who are overweight, reduce their life expectancy by nearly 4 to 5 years. Overweight and obesity is the main outcome of our modern lifestyle.

When you eat more food, it affects your internal organs which are responsible for digesting your food. This can lead to gastric problems, frequent belching, and burping, acid reflux, stomach pain, etc.. Women over 50 years of age, in particular, will easily put on more weight upon overeating. This will make them victims of diabetes and arthritis problems.

Unlike in the past, you can easily keep track of your daily calorie intake today. We got smartphones with smart apps which will help you along. People who have crossed 40 years of age should definitely keep monitoring their calorie intake and ensure they are staying within the limits.

There are records which indicate that people who belong to pyramid era practiced fasting to ensure better health.

So if you wish to lead a healthy, disease-free life and want to lead a longer life. You can follow these five simple but most effective ways to reach your goal.

Do not eat when you are not hungry

Except for humans, no other animals will eat food when they do not feel hunger. This is most fundamental and basic reason why most animals in the wild live disease free. So do not have a fixed time when you should have your food.

Do not overeat

In fact, overeating should be considered as one of the most common disease among humans. It is so common that we hardly notice it. But overeating is the main reason for most diseases. Truth is it lays the foundation for many diseases and health problems you might be going through now.

Do not eat when you don’t feel well

Most people will not feel hungry when they are sick or not feeling well. Your stomach will not function properly when you don’t feel better, this leads to delay and reduction in the secretion of digestive fluids and stomach acids. So next time when you are sick and do not feel hungry, do not keep munching on to some food, just because you feel bored. You can have easily digestible foods when you are hungry but that too in the right quantity.

Eat fruits for one day in a week

Develop the habit of eating only fruits for one whole day in a week. This will help your body to detox itself and make you feel refreshed for the rest of the week.

Fast for a day in a week

For one day in a week, have your food in the evening skipping the breakfast and lunch. This will ensure you stay in good shape both physically and mentally.

Doesn’t look that difficult right? It is not, you just have to make it your lifestyle.