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5 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Selenium Everyday

It was in the year 1979 the importance of selenium to our health was identified. It was discovered that by giving selenium supplements to children in China they effectively stopped the occurrence of Keshan disease. It is a type of heart disease. From that day on selenium has gathered more importance and today is has become an essential nutrient.

How much Selenium Do We Need In a Day?

Both men and women of all ages need 55 micrograms of selenium. High doses of selenium will cause side effects such as breakage of nails and split ends in hairs.

What are the sources?

  • Fish, prawn, crabs, tuna fish, mutton, liver, eggs, chicken.
  • Wheat bran, bread.
  • Broccoli, Cabbage.
  • Brazil nuts.
  • Sunflower seeds, flax seeds.
  • Chia seeds.
  • Garlic, lemon grass, wheat grass, fenugreek.

Diseases that occur due to Selenium deficiency

  • Increase in stress and depression.
  • Tiredness and sluggishness.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • It can lead to Goiter
  • In children, it can lead to cretinism disease.
  • Frequent miscarriage in women.

Selenium Benefits

  • Selenium plays a vital role in protein production.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Flushes out harmful free radicals from our body.
  • Prevents the side effects that occur due to vaccinations.
  • Effectively prevents cancer to a greater degree.
  • Helps in the secretion of thyroid hormone.
  • Prevents miscarriage in women. Strengthens their reproductive system.