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5 Harmful Effects of Excessive Workouts in Women

There cannot be any second opinion that our body needs exercise on a regular basis. But, just like there is a limit with everything, there are also limitations with workouts or exercise.

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Exercise is no exception to this saying. When you overdo exercise the effects will start to reverse is the fact.

I had a friend who was a mother of a five-year-old girl. She had put on a considerable amount of weight after her pregnancy. So she registered herself in a gym and started with her workouts. Initially, she just spends 30 minutes a day at her gym. To everyone’s surprise, she lost nearly 4 kilograms of weight in her first month. This made her really happy. She got all excited about her weight loss so she started to spend an additional 30 minutes in the gym, second month she lost one kilogram of the weight.

For the third month, she wanted to intensify her workout further. So, despite the advice of her trainer, she started to workout for 90 minutes a day. She usually feels better and more energetic after the workout but this time she started to feel more tired. Additionally, she started to feel more pain. This eventually made her quit workouts. Result? She started to gain more weight again.

When you exercise regularly, your body will start to increase the secretion levels of endorphins. This makes us feel more energetic and positive. But the effects start to reverse when it goes beyond a certain level.

How can a person identify the right level of workout for his/her body?

The answer to this question comes from our body itself. If you feel more energetic and happy after a workout session, it indicates you are staying at the right level. On the contrary, if you start to feel more tired, drowsy, and painful for the rest of the day, then it means you are overdoing the exercise.

Our body undergoes several problems when you overdo your exercise. There are 4 things you need to keep in mind before planning your workout.

  • Type of exercise
  • Target
  • Counts
  • Duration

You should only do certain exercises at a time. You can follow these workouts for one week, and then change your workouts the following week. When you practice all the exercise at the same time, it negatively impacts our body.

People who want to tone up their muscles and stay in shape should give their body necessary time to adapt to the changes. When you overdo exercise for an instant or immediate change, it leads to muscle breakdown and the tissues will start to release harmful or damaging protein into the blood. This problem is termed as Rhabdomyolysis. This condition can be extremely damaging.

At the same time, when you overdo workouts, our body instead of spending its energy, it starts to save more energy and fat at a rapid rate. When your damage your muscle tissues with workouts, it can lead to joint pains and arthritis.

When a woman overdoes her exercise she could go through following problems.

  • Reduction in the nutrition level in the body.
  • Bones will lose its density.
  • Leads to Vitamin-D deficiency and loss of white blood cells.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Reduction in the secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This can lead to mood swings.

So always exercise, but stay within the limits.

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