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5 Most Common Pest Control Products at Home and its Dangers

We try to keep our doors and windows closed at our homes to prevent pests, insects, and mosquitoes. But, on most occasions, it ends up in failure. So, we depend on pest control products such as creams, sprays, powders etc.. Usage of sprays to keep these pests and mosquitoes away is a common practice in many homes. While these products does offer some relief from pests, we should also need to be aware of its dangers and ill effects it can bring forth to our health upon regular usage.

Pest Control Products

Pesticides are available in various forms like creams, sprays, coils, mats, liquids, lotions, bats, and many other forms. N-N-Diethyle-metaculamine – DEET is the main chemical ingredient in most of these products that protect us from insects.


Pest control sprays use chemicals that induce fragrance, these fragrance inducing chemicals are not good for people with asthma and breathing problems. So they should refrain from using them. Additionally, using this product on a regular basis can cause skin problems. In some rare cases, it can even lead to nervous disorders.


Chemicals used in manufacturing coils are more aggressive and harmful for our health. Pyrethrum, dye, fungicides are common ingredients in most coils. These chemicals are highly toxic and poisonous. Using coils on a regular basis can lead to cold, cough, wheezing, breathing problems, irritation in the throat, irritation in eyes, nausea, irritation in the chest and many other side effects.


Liquids used to chase away mosquitoes are not that bad as long as we use it for a limited time period. When we use it for a prolonged time duration, like, keeping it on for the whole night, the chemicals present in it will get mixed with the air we breathe. When we breathe this polluted air, it can lead to breathing problems, allergies, and infections in lungs.


Mosquito mats contain chemicals such as pyrethrum and allethrin. These chemicals are released in the air when the mat gets warm. This can lead to a constant headache, wheezing, cough, and many other health problems.

Bat and Mosquito nets

Bat and mosquito nets are perhaps the best inventions to keep away the pests, mosquitoes, and insects. They do not have any side effects and does the job more effectively over most other products. But, mosquito bats makes use of electricity, so it should be used with more caution. Additionally, installing nets in doors and windows is a good practice as well. We can also use separate nets over beds to keep away the insects and mosquitoes.

Will these products cause skin problems?

Pest control products on most occasions do not cause any skin problems. But, people with sensitive skins can avoid these products. When these people use creams or lotion over their skin surface, it can potentially turn into counter irritant. This can lead to infections and other skin problems. For some people, pest control creams and oils can cause irritation, blisters, and other side effects.

Who needs to avoid using these products?

Pesticides in spray form use smell stimulant, this is not healthy for small babies, pregnant women, and asthma patients.

How to use pest control creams

  • It should not be applied over injured or wounded areas.
  • It can be used in very minimal quantity over kids. As much as possible, make the kids wear full sleeve shirts and T-shirts. Using mosquito nets over creams for children is the best way to deal with mosquitoes.
  • Applying these creams directly over face must be avoided.