4 Ways on How to Keep your Skin Soft in Winter

A few months ago you were bronzed and radiant. Now cold weather, dry, heated environments and stodgy comfort food have taken its toll on your skin. But don’t suffer in silence – tackle it from all angles and you’ll be soft as baby’s bottom in time for those Christmas parties.

Inside out

In traditional Chinese medicine, they treat overly dry skin by eliminating excess heat in the body – usually in the lungs and stomach. There are many causes of heat like being stressed or eating a bad diet including too much red meat or spices. To treat it, they try detoxing and acupuncture that focused on pressure points on the body to clear lung and stomach heat. Chinese herbs such as huang qin, huang lian, da huang, dang gui and he shou wu will all help clear the heat and toxins away and promote moisture production.

It’s also important to hydrate as much as possible. Drink your water for brighter skin. Hydrating your skin from within is the way forward. You should drink your water by consuming lots of raw fruit and vegetables. During the winter months look out for foods such as cold water fish, ground flaxseeds, walnuts, goji berries and eggs.

These are fantastic at flooding your cells with water and keeping them strong so they can hold it in, keeping you hydrated and healthy. Omega 3 is a great complexion booster during cold winter months. Taking therapeutic fish oil supplements supplies the body with a potent source of omega 3 fats which means skin is less likely to dry out and is less prone to itching and redness. Cut down on sunflower oil based foods such as houmous, mayonnaise, most bakery goods and processed meats, because they all contain omega 6 fats which are inflammatory to the skin and can encourage conditions like eczema.

Keep fit

Even though it’s cold outside, don’t neglect your fitness regime or your skin will suffer. Just because we no longer feel the pressure of getting into a bikini, doesn’t mean exercise can be forgotten. It increases blood flow and carries oxygen and vital nutrients to all cells in your body, including your skin cells. At the same time, exercise increases lymphatic system flow by as much as 25 percent, and this is like an internal hoover; removing waste products and substances that cannot be re-absorbed into the blood. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination in your body and a toxic build up and sluggish lymph system will prevent your body working optimally.

Outside in

Dehydrated skin can be related to a hormone imbalance. To remedy, use essential oils in your skin care that help regulate hormone fluctuation. Try balancing oil such as geranium, rose, and neroli.

Try this Remedy: Mix a pulped banana, a teaspoon of avocado oil, and a teaspoon of honey. Then add two drops of neroli essential oil, two drops of rose and four drops of lavender Leave on for 10 minutes then wash off with cold water to stimulate the circulation.

On contrary to popular belief, washing your face with hot water will do it more harm than good. It may feel lovely and warming, but it really dries out your skin. It removes the natural oils in the outer layer which is designed to protect the deepest layers of your skin from irritants and toxins. Use an alcohol-free cleanser instead that will take off makeup and dirt from your skin without stripping it. A good toner will wipe away the last few remnants and should leave your skin feeling fresh and bright, not dry and parched.

Look for nasties

Always keep your skincare as natural as possible to avoid irritating sensitive areas in winter, and check any products you have at home for sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a synthetic detergent which is often added to face and body wash, and even to some aqueous creams designed to treat conditions like eczema. Long-term use causes the skin’s protective barrier to thin and lose water. Look out for it in your shampoo too, as this often runs onto your skin as you rinse it out. Choose SLS free products based around ingredients found in nature.

You do need to work harder in winter to keep skin looking fantastic, but with the right diet, skincare routine, and lifestyle choices, the transition from summer glow to fresh-faced winter beauty will be as smooth as can be. Look after your skin in the coming months and you will look your glowing best for the party season.