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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Public Toilets

There are certain unavoidable situations and difficulties the moment we step out of our home. One such problem is unhygienic public toilets. Having a hygienic and healthy lifestyle forms the base for maintaining a healthy body. Unhygienic toilets are a big problem no matter where ever we go, be it a movie theater, restaurant, malls, schools, colleges, railway stations, bus stands etc. In this article, we will discuss the dangers, effects, possible infections from these toilets and precautionary steps we need to carry out while using these toilets.

Damage to health

Victims of infections and diseases that spread through toilets are mostly women. Since many men use open urinals they have a high probability of avoiding infections. Most women end up using western toilets in public places. Due to this reason, they could have the infection in their thigh region. Since most public toilets are not maintained properly, many women try to control their urination. This is not good. Controlling urination for a long time duration can lead to bigger problems like kidney stone and bladder leakage.

Just to avoid urinating, some people do not drink water. This can lead to dehydration, dizziness, and fainting. So drinking water is a must.

Bacterial infections

Using unhygienic toilets can lead to many kinds of bacterial infections. Bacterias such as E-coli, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella can infect from toilet seats and causes diseases. These bacterias can enter the bladder and cause cystitis. E-coli bacteria, in particular, is known to cause cystitis and irritation in the bladder region.

Precautionary steps

We cannot expect all the toilets we use in public to be hygienic. We need to make some precautionary steps before using them. This will help to protect ourselves from possible infections and diseases.

1. Use a sufficient amount of water to clean the toilet seat before using it, also when done make sure to clean it again before leaving the place.

2. Using sanitary tissues while handling toilet taps, doors, door handles is a good idea.

3. When you plan for a trip in a train that stretches for a long duration of time, make sure to take your own mug, water bottles, and gloves. Wearing disposable gloves while using the toilets in the train is a good idea. Also, always make sure to wear Chappals while going to the toilets.

4. Make sure to wash off your undies and panties with a soap Sanitizer when you enter your home after using public toilets.

Attention for women

Women on periods must take extra care and precautions while using public toilets. It’s necessary to throw off the sanitary pads in the appropriate dustbin. Flushing it in a toilet can lead to infection for others using the same toilet.

Attention for both Women and Men

If you feel irritation and itching sensation in your reproductive organs after using public toilets, make sure to consult a doctor immediately. By using proper antibiotics and antibacterial creams as per doctor’s advice can help to protect yourself from bacterial infections.