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11 Little Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Fast

Do not eat while watching TV or Reading a Book

Eating your food should be a conscious act, not an unconscious one. Eating while watching the TV or Reading a book can make you eat more as you are not aware of the amount of food you eat. Always be conscious of what you eat and how much you eat.

Eat Only When You Are Hungry

I know it can be a little hard task for some, as we are forced to eat during lunch breaks and other break times in office or school. But if you do have a privilege of choosing your own time to eat, then have your food only when you are hungry. Eating while you are not hungry can put an extra burden on your digestive system and it might, in turn, affect your whole digestion process.

Eat with a small plate

It is scientifically proven fact that having a bigger plate will make you eat more. Similarly, having smaller plate will make you eat less. But it is not just about eating less, it is more about eating the right amount of food. So have a small plate, eat a plateful and make sure you stop at the right quantity of food.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water will not only make you eat less and make you feel less hungry, it will also ease the digestion process. Proper hydration is the first step to stay healthy.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Many people replace water with carbonated and other packaged drinks. This is not a healthy practice. A carbonated drink does not ease the digestion process, in fact, many carbonated drinks can ruin the digestive system and excess sugar content in it is more harmful to our health. Always drink water, and do not substitute it with other drinks.

Replace One of your Daily Meal with Fruits and Vegetables

Most often we end up eating our favorite foods for our meals. This can lead to nutrition deficiency and in some cases, it can lead to constipation. Well-balanced nutrients and fiber rich diet keep us healthy is the truth. So substitute a meal a day with fruits and vegetables, and do not add any carbohydrates. This ensures you get needed supply of nutrients and fiber.

Do not Skip Exercise

Exercise must become your daily habit, it should not be an option. Just like you brush your teeth and take bath every single day, exercise needs to become a part of your daily ritual. No amount of diet would be equal to the regular exercise session. So if you want to lose weight, just know that Exercise is not optional, but a must.

Hang a Picture of Yourself When you were Slim

Most of us had that sexy looking slim body at some point in our lives, but due to some reason, we might have lost it in-between. So keep a photo of yourself when you were slim and attractive, and make sure you look at it every single day. It will provide you with the needed motivation to lose weight.

Do not Wear Loose Cloths

Wearing loose clothes will make you less aware of the fact that you are over weight. Always wear tight clothing so you become self-aware about your body, and will strive towards losing those extra pounds.

Make a Note of All the Foods You Eat

This is a very good habit. Most of us do not even remember what we had for the breakfast when it is time for the dinner. This lack of awareness towards the food we eat will make us gradually gain those extra pounds. Always keep note of all the foods you eat, so that you exactly know what makes you gain that extra fat on a regular basis.

Sleep Well

Do you know that not sleeping well can make you gain more weight than eating fatty foods? Yes, it is scientifically proven that people who do not sleep well gain more weight pretty rapidly. Also not sleeping well at night will make you crave for more food in the middle of the night. Result? You guessed it right. It will catalyze the whole weight gain process. So sleep well and sleep early.