11 Little Things You Can Do to Become More Nature Friendly

You must have been to a village or a hill station at some point in your life. What attracts us all about a village or a hill station and people living there is their proximity to nature. Unfortunately, we cannot transport all that nature to cities. We have little parks here and there in cities to fake nature. But how many of us really find time to get to a park on a regular basis? We are all slaves of our work is the truth.

So what can people from cities do to become more nature-friendly? I am going to list from 12 little and easy to do things at your home, which will make you more nature-friendly.

Grow Little Plants Inside Home

Growing little plants and flower plants inside your home will provide you with fresh air, plus it absorbs the toxins present in the air. When you enter your home from work with a lot of stress and tension, these plants will help to relieve you from everyday stress and keep you in peaceful mindset.

Avoid Water Filters and RO

Instead of using water filters and RO units for your drinking water, you can start using copper vessels and sand pots to store water. Water stored in copper vessels and earthen wares are good for our health.

Prefer Organic Vegetables

Always prefer to use organic vegetables for cooking. Though they are little expensive, they will do more good in the long run. Just in case if you cannot afford it, you can soak the vegetables in salted water for up to 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly before using it for cooking.

Avoid Plastic Bottles

Do not use harmful, and cheap plastic bottles to store your drinking water. Instead, use copper or steel bottles to store your water.

Do not use Plastic Combs and Tooth Brushes

Combs used to groom our hair is made of plastic. Not just that, we use plastic brushes for our teeth as well. But there are alternatives available for these two in markets now. We can start using wooden combs and wooden brushes instead.

Use Wooden and Fiber Slippers

Most of us use rubber slippers inside the home. But this can be replaced with slippers made out of jute and grass fibers which are widely available now.

Refrain from Using Plastic Bags

We use plastic bags to store vegetables, and other food stuffs inside our refrigerator, but these plastic bags can be replaced with cotton bags.

Replace Paraffin Wax Candles

Normal candles we use is made out of paraffin wax. Instead, we can start using Aroma Wax candles. These candles not only give our pleasant smell, it will also enhance our mood.

Avoid Plastic Buckets

Plastic buckets change the composition of hot water we take bath with. This can be harmful to our health. We can replace the plastic buckets with aluminum or stainless steel buckets. These buckets will not change the composition of water, so it is more nature-friendly and healthy as well.

Use Bamboo and wooden furniture

Plastic chairs are less expensive, so we are used to it. But if you want to be more nature-friendly replace those plastic chairs with wooden and bamboo chairs. Also, Bamboo plates and baskets can be used to store fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Non-stick cookwares

Cooking foods over non-stick surfaces will change the quality of our food and the chemicals present over the non-stick surface may turn it toxic. Instead, we can use iron, steel, and earthen cookwares without non-stick surface.