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10 Most Vital Points You Must Know About Peptic Ulcer

A little sore or injury in your hands and legs can get quite painful… on some occasions, it could lead to unbearable pain. Now think about some sore or injury in your food pipe or in your stomach where acid secretion takes place.

Due to lifestyle changes and our improper food habits, many kids and adults are victims of peptic ulcer. This article will extensively try to give some clarity on the subject.

What is an ulcer?

Damage or injuries caused in the food pipe, the initial part of the small intestine, and stomach or abdomen region is usually termed as an ulcer. Advanced stages of ulcer can even cause soreness in the mouth and throat region. Not all sores are ulcers.

What are the signs of ulcer?

  • Pain in upper abdomen
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritation in chest
  • Feeling of fullness in stomach, lack of hunger

Is ulcer is the sole reason for all the problems related to the stomach?

No. Acid reflux problem in the stomach can also trigger similar signs. The ulcer can only be confirmed by carrying out appropriate tests as advised by a Doctor. Acid reflux is one of the most common problems. Chest irritation, excessive belching are some of the good signs of it. These symptoms do not confirm ulcer, but these signs could be an early indication for the ulcer. If you have these symptoms it is better to consult a Doctor immediately.

Does eating spicy food trigger ulcer formation?

Eating spicy foods do not cause the ulcer. Erosion in the food pipe, small intestine, and stomach regions is an early indication of it. These erosions do not take place in a single day, but rather a slow process. Frequently ignoring breakfast, and eating too much spicy food could slowly lead to erosion. If this continues for many days, erosion could start to get worse and intestines can get reddish. This is the second stage, it is termed as Gastritis. Now, ignoring Gastritis will lead to sores and these sores are what we call as an ulcer.

Ulcers have danger of turning into cancer if it’s left unattended.

What are the reasons for Ulcer formation?

  • H.pylori bacterial infection is responsible for ulcer formation.
  • Ignoring morning breakfast frequently.
  • Frequently eating deep fried and spicy foods.
  • Stress and Anxiety can even lead to sores in the stomach lining.

What is the right time interval for food intake?

It purely depends on the food we eat. Liquid foods usually take 3 to 4 hours to completely get digested. Solid foods can take up to 5 hours. But this can vary from person to person, it’s better to intake food whenever you feel hungry.

Why ignoring morning breakfast leads to Ulcer?

There is a huge time interval between dinner and morning breakfast. This time interval is not healthy, so it’s a must to have a timely breakfast, and ignoring it is not an option. If you ignore the breakfast and have your food at around 12 PM, there is a time gap of nearly 12 to 14 hours when your stomach is almost empty. Hydrochloric acid secreted during this time could cause erosion in stomach, intestines and food pipe. If this erosion happens frequently it could lead to the ulcer.

Is self-medication for ulcer a good idea?

It is a very bad practice. The reason is, there are many types of ulcer. Additionally, it’s necessary to find out if the problems in your stomach are really due to an ulcer or if it’s due to some other disease. After that, it is essential to find out the real reason for ulcer and treating it appropriately. If you treat ulcer without the right advice from a Doctor it has a high probability of turning into cancer.

Can ulcer patients take other medications?

If it’s really necessary, other medications can be taken with Doctor’s advice, but ulcer patients must avoid self-medication at all costs.

What are the best ways to prevent ulcer?

  • Food intake is a must at the right time.
  • Exercising or practicing yoga for at least an hour a day is a must. This helps to reduce stress.
  • Spicy foods and sour foods must be consumed in limited quantity.
  • Yogurt must be included in the daily diet. Probiotic present in yogurt helps to cure sores in the stomach.
  • The right level of water intake is a must.
  • Drinking carbonated drinks must be avoided.
  • Consuming fruits rich in citric acid like lemon, oranges, etc.. must be in limited quantity.
  • Placing the head in a slightly elevated position while sleeping is a good practice.
  • Sleeping on the left side is advisable. This will prevent acid reflux reactions during sleep.