10 Most Useful Benefits and Remedies Using Jamun Fruit

Scientific Name: Syzgium cumini Family: Myrtaceae

Jamun fruit tree can grow up to a height of 25 to 35 meters. Its bark appears like scales and can be easily removed. The stump and branches of this tree will be broad and strong.

There are a couple of varieties of this tree which can be identified by the shape of the tree leaves and its fruits. Leaves of this tree will be little big and broad in the swampy region. In other regions, the leaves relative appear smaller in size.

This tree will start to bear fruits during May, June, July, and August months. Little fruits will be spherical in shape, while the large ones appear little elongated and oval in shape.

Benefits of Jamun Fruits

  • Flesh or pulp of Jamun fruits will increase appetite.
  • It is a diuretic, so it increases urination. It tones up the nerves and makes us more energetic.
  • Juice extract of Jamun fruit will induce hunger.
  • It cures diarrhea.
  • It reduces dehydration for diabetes patients.
  • Consuming five to ten Jamun fruits a day will reduce swelling in the spleen.
  • Powdering dried seeds of this fruit and consuming two to four grams of this powder two times a day will keep diabetes under control.
  • This fruit should not be consumed in huge quantities. Doing so will lead to temporary throat problems.

Jamun seeds tea

You can prepare your own medicine for diabetes using Jamun fruit seeds. Jamun fruits and its seeds have the property to reduce the blood sugar levels and keep it under control.

Once you finished consuming pulp of the Jamun fruit preserve its seeds, clean it well in water and dry it in a shade. Once it has dried enough powder it and store it in an airtight container.

To prepare the medicine mix 4 grams of this powder with half a teaspoon of fenugreek powder, a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Add this mixture to a cup of water and boil it well. Consume this drink once or twice a day to keep diabetes under control.

Jamun Fruit for Stomach Problems

Make a paste out of 10 Jamun fruits, a little cinnamon, and cardamon. Add this paste to a cup of water, add a little salt to taste and boil it well. Filter out the tea and drink it to cure gastric problems, fever, and stomach disorders.

It tastes better when you can add a little sugar to it. This can be given to kids to cure their stomach problems.

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