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10 Things That Will Make You Sleep Better All Your Life

Just like food, sleep is one of the basic need for any human for a better life. A good night sleep will keep you fresh all day long, but on the contrary, a night without sleep can spoil your whole day, but not just that it might just continue to ruin your next night’s sleep as well. Staying awake in the night is no fun, so follow these simple tips whenever you find it hard to get to sleep.

Do not Keep Lying in the Bed If you Cannot Sleep

Often times we make the mistake of keep lying in the bed, trying out different sleeping positions to get ourselves to sleep. But nothing just seems to work. If you find yourself in this situation then it is better to get out of the bed, start reading a book, or magazine, write a letter, take a little walk inside your home. A good 5 hours of sleep is better than 8 hours of slumber.

Get to Sleep at Fixed Time Every Single Day

I have previously written about circadian rhythm and its importance in staying healthy. Once you develop the habit of getting to sleep at a fixed time, your biological clock will naturally put you to sleep at the right time. So always sleep at a fixed time, which will help you to stay healthy, at the same time helps you to sleep better.

Maintain Your Bedroom at Right Temperature

Bed rooms should be maintained at the right pleasing temperature, if you have an Air conditioner make sure it is not set to be too cold, at the same time do not set it too high as you might end up sweating in the middle of the night which will spoil your sleep.

Avoid Using Mobile, laptops in bedroom

Most of us are addicted to electronic gadgets. Always switch off your mobile, laptops, and other electronic gadgets 30 minutes prior to getting to sleep. Light from these electronic gadgets will arrest the secretion of melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep.

Do not Overeat at Night

Dinner should always be light, it will not only make you feel fresh when you wake up next day, it will also avoid frequent wake ups throughout the night. Additionally, eating a lot will increase your level of alertness, this will make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Be active and Exercise Regularly

Do you know that insomnia is practically nonexistent in people who exercise regularly? Also, they have more peaceful and deep sleep over people who do not exercise at all. One of the perks of regular exercise is you will naturally fall asleep at night without any problem.

Keep Afternoon Naps Brief

Sleeping for hours together in the noon might feel great for you, but you will soon end up regretting it in the night. As longer naps in the noon will make it hard for you to sleep at nights. At the most avoid sleeping in the noon, but if you really want to, then keep it very brief. Do not nap for more than 30 minutes in the noon.

Keep your Television out from the Bedroom

Bed room should only be used for sleeping and sex. Do not use it for anything else. Also, no electronic gadgets which include your Television set should be inside your bedroom. Watching Television at late night or when you wake up in the middle of the sleep will only spoil your sleep further.

Learn a Little Breathing Exercise

Do you know that when you breathe fast, the brain will not secrete melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep? On the contrary, when you breathe slowly the brain will naturally start to secrete melatonin, and makes you fall asleep faster. So learn some breathing exercise. Practice it 15 minutes prior to going to sleep. You will find your sleep to be more peaceful and deep.

Use Your Own Blanket

Couples have the habit of sleeping under one blanket. This is a very bad habit for good sleep. Using single blanket will amplify your body movement and increases the body heat. In turn, this will spoil your sleep. So always have a separate blanket.