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10 Things that Will Make Your Day Beautiful

The 21st century has made many things simpler and possible. Despite all things it had brought into our lives, one thing that has not made any progress is our personal health. We all are chasing after rules and guides that will make our life healthier on a daily basis. Once we are able to plan and structure our day in a healthy way, and give due importance and focus on small things, it will pave the way to achieve bigger things in life. Here is the list of 10 things that will make our day beautiful and help us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Easy Exercises

Waking up as early as 5 am to 6 am is important. Exercising our eyes, practicing pranayama and yoga will help to calm down the mind and helps us to focus better on things for the rest of the day.

Using small plates

Using small plates for meals is a good practice. It will ensure that we eat less and also eat only to satisfy our hunger. Similarly, giving a 30-minute break between two sessions of a meal will ensure that you are eating only to your stomach’s satisfaction. If you do not feel hungry after 30 minutes, you can skip the second session completely. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day is a must for adults.

Practicing to stand up

Most people’s work demands them to stay seated for the whole day. Sitting for longer time duration is bad for health. Practice standing up for 5 to 10 minutes once an hour. Standing up and having a little walk while using your mobile is a good practice. This will ensure proper blood flow throughout the body and also doesn’t make you look awkward standing up during your working hours.

Switch off your mobile two hours a day

Some people spend most part of their day using a mobile phone. This could lead to depression. Though we do not realize it immediately. We keep giving too much work to our eyes and brain all the time while using mobile phones. It’s a hard task for most people staying away from their mobiles during day time. So it is better to switch it off during the night, just two hours before you get to sleep. This will make sure you spend some valuable time with your family and also have a peaceful sleep. It will help to calm down your mind and body.

Be idle

Being idle for 5 to 10 minutes a day without doing any work can be helpful. We can spend this time to think about our dreams and ambitions in life, this will ensure there is a positive vibe around you. Do avoid negative thinking during this time.

Vegetable a day

Most of us hardly include vegetables in our daily meal. So, it is a good practice to include one vegetable every day in our diet like Monday is for carrots, Tuesday is for cabbage and we can chart 7 vegetables for 7 days a week, and this chart can be changed on a weekly basis.

Hit the bed before 30 minutes

If you plan to sleep at 10 every night, make sure you are in your bedroom 30 minutes in advance. It’s better to leave your mobile phone in the hall. More peaceful and deep sleep will ensure a productive day that follows.

Maintain a journal

Maintain a journal and note down your entire day’s activities in it, like the help you lent to other people and how it made you feel, things you learned that day, make small notes on your experience. Reading these notes again will make you feel better. Try to avoid noting down unnecessary things into the journal and also read those entries once a week.


Going for a morning or evening walk is a must. It should not be done like a workout on a treadmill. Going for a walk in the open air does more good. Exposing yourself to mild sunlight will ensure you get your daily dose of Vitamin-D. This will strengthen your bones, and also it frees your mind.

Cleanliness is more important

Tidy up your bed immediately after waking up. Being lazy and soggy after a sleep will make our brain difficult to function. So, we can clean up the bedroom, the first thing after waking up and start our day. Taking bath in cold or warm water every day is good for our body.