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10 Things You Must Note Before Eating Out In a Restaurant

Healthy food is home cooked food without any second thought. But modern lifestyle demands us to eat out more often than we like is the fact. There is nothing wrong with having your food in a local restaurant or mess, but there are certain things you need to know before eating out to ensure your good health.

Always Opt for Hot water

Drink water before ordering your food and also after finishing it. Opting for hot water is the best option while you eat out. Hot water not only makes the food you eat digest faster, it is also more hygienic.

Use Hand wash

Make sure the hand wash area has accessible hand wash soap. Use the soap to wash your hands properly. Make sure the hand wash zone is hygienically maintained. It is a best to wash your hands with warm water if the option is available.

Avoid towels, Use Tissues

Do not use towels to dry your hands in public places, towels are mostly used by multiple people, so always opt for tissues and dispose of it after use.

Ensure Plates and Utensils are Clean

Most restaurants take proper care to clean their plates and other utensils, but before having your food make sure they are washed properly, as plates, spoons, forks etc… are used by everyone eats at the restaurant.

Avoid Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are not always a healthy option. Grilled or steamed foods might just be the healthier option.

Try Lean Meat

If you love eating meat, opt for lean meat option, if you love chicken try ordering for chicken breasts. These type of meats will have low-fat content and are easy to digest.

Eat less than 500 calories

Make sure the combined food intake is less than 500 calories. It is always best to consume soups and salads as the starter.

Be aware of the ingredients

Restaurant foods are mostly prepared with high amounts of oil, butter, vinegar, salt to make it taste better. Before ordering the food, be aware of its ingredients.

Drink Fresh Juice

Most of us are used to drinking carbonated beverages after food. This can be substituted with fresh fruit juices. Without ice would be a better option.

Sweet and Ice Creams

While choosing to go for ice creams after food, be more cautious with your choice. Make sure the ice creams are not rich in fat content and don’t include any artificial coloring agents. People who like milk can opt for skimmed milk option.

Avoid Deep Fried Fish

If you love fish and fish foods, avoid deep fried fish. Fish gravy or fish curry would be a much better choice.

Avoid Refined foods

Foods prepared from all purpose flour or refined flour can be avoided. Order for foods prepared from rice or wheat. Noodles, pizza, pasta, burger are prepared from refined flour.