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10 Simple Ways on How to Have a Successful Mindset

Success is a state of mind. Whether you are going for happy and healthy, overcoming a phobia or wanting to burst through your self-set boundaries, you have to know that you can do it. It’s all a matter of mindset. If you want vivacious vitality and to live up to your full potential, get your brain on board and the rest will follow. Position and re-frame your goals in a fun and focused way and you are on to a winner. So go on – take these ten steps to rediscover your mindset mojo.

Let Happiness Find You

Being strong and positive at the outset will speed up your success. Of course, we know that it’s not always easy to achieve this or to be authentically happy when nothing seems to be going our way. So go gently.  Getting back on track is our own responsibility, no one else’s and it starts softly by being aware of happiness and grabbing moments of joy. Start paying attention to, and being grateful for, the little things – flowers in bloom, a smile, small acts of kindness. Begin to collect pixels of happiness and they’ll soon become your bigger picture.


Close your eyes and think back to a time when you were really happy. What can you see and hear? How does it feel? Make the memory as clear as possible. When you focus on that happiness, you will bring it into the present. Hypnotherapy is particularly effective in bringing these fantastic feelings to the surface.


We know that every champion imagines, feels and believes that they will achieve success – at the winning line, in the boardroom or on the scales. See yourself having achieved your goal; perhaps being your ideal weight, really happy, beautifully pregnant or being completely confident in the situation that scares you right now. Play it out like a film in your mind – take the starring role! it’s when we let doubt creep in or we are unsure that we start changing the film script for the worse.

Enjoy Yourself

Your goals are really important in moving forward but do remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Do not postpone happiness until you are size whatever or you have found your perfect relationship or job. Happiness attracts the things you want, so enjoy your life. Celebrate yourself, right now.

Get Connected

Learning to slow down can actually make us a lot more effective. Spending ten minutes in stillness or meditation can give you the mental space to deal with the taste in hand. It’s also a chance to focus on our needs. Check in with yourself. Is what you are doing productive or contributing to your overall goals? Be mindful of the activities you take part in. Make sure that they align with your values and vision and most importantly, that you are truly enjoying them! Take a break, change your environment and look at life from a different perspective. You will soon feel far more focused.

Find Your Mojo

If you have lost your mojo, start dreaming again. You are exactly where you are at this point and it’s the right starting place for you. Find a new goal or outcome that will spur you on; one which will inspire you to action and is right for you. If you want to get fit, find an event and train for it. Give yourself a deadline which means that you have to keep at it. Know what engages you. Do you prefer to have group support or to go it alone? Announce your goal to the people you know will lift your spirits along the way. Find your own tribe and mentors. Report into them as you approach your target. If you’re a lone wolf, define your own inner coach. Imagine what they look like, how they sound and what they might say to you! They are kick-ass and will boot out any negativity coming your way.

Mind your language

It is proven that the words we use in self-talk can have a profound effect on us. Watch what you are saying to yourself or out loud. Banish words like ‘should’ and take actions which you are fabulously passionate about. Affirmations are great but know that the things we think, say or write down will start to commit us to a particular outcome. So, keep your language upbeat and only choose uplifting words and phrases.

Accept yourself

Know that you are perfect as you are. Stop giving yourself a hard time. There are reasons that you perhaps drink too much, or overeat, or do not live up to your full potential. Your brain may be trying to keep you safe, staying within the boundaries or recognized patterns. It may be trying to relax or comfort you. Recognising this allows us to look at the underlying causes behind our behavior and change our ingrained habits.

Do something else instead

Work with your mind. Retrain your brain to help you to think and act differently. Instead of focusing on what you dread or what you are not allowed to do, start to get comfortable with change. Drive a different route to work, add in brand new foods to your diet, rearrange the furniture, call people that you would normally email, visit somewhere new or visit a completely different type of music. It’s all about shaking things up.

Just do it

Take action! whatever your goal, we often wait until Monday or a good time, or until after a particular celebration of our choosing. Know that a month from now, you will wish you had started a month ago. Take some of the pressure off yourself and relax into it. get clear on your intentions and remember that what you are looking for is looking for you. Set off on your own journey of discovery.

Starting is powerful and taking one tiny action will set you in motion. Somewhere we think too much and don’t do enough or we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. What small step can you take towards your goal today? What not go and do it right now?