10 Simple Tips to Prevent Body Pains Induced by Electronics

We are living in an electronic world. Electronic gadgets have become a vital part of our regular life. Smartphones, in particular, have become an extension of our own bodies. We use computers at office and rest of the time we spend it on mobile phones. We do not use mobile phones just for communicating with people, there are millions of applications that can be installed on our smartphones which can keep us engaged all the time. But, are these smartphones keeping our body and our mind smart? You know the answer. If you relieve yourself from computer and smartphone, you become engaged with Televisions. Spending major portion of your life exposed to these gadgets is not only harmful to your eyes, it is bad for your hands as well. It can lead to selfie elbow and lateral epicondylitis problems. Additionally, it can bring in neck pain, back pain, and hip pain as well.

Lateral Epicondylitis is also called Tennis Elbow. This problem mainly occurs in people who play badminton, tennis, and people who are involved in jobs like carpentry, plumbing, painting, and any trade that involves lifting heavy objects. Additionally, it affects professionals who use a lot of computers, laptop, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets. When you do not give enough stretching exercise and rest to muscles in the hands, tissues in the hand region undergoes many problems. For some people, the pain the hands can start from the fingers and extend till shoulder joints. When we overuse fingers and thumb for heavy tasks, muscles in this region undergoes a lot of stress, this leads to pain in the hands.

When you use smartphones during travels while seated in wrong positions, it can lead to pain in the neck and back. When there is more vibration during a journey, it can easily trigger various pains. Some people will experience pain the neck, back, and hands while working on a laptop that is placed on their lap. People who work long hours in a computer will have hip and back pain. Being seated in an Air-conditioned room for long hours can also be a reason for many body pains. People who are seated in the same position for long duration undergo pains as well. Additionally, it can lead to disturbed blood circulation, hand pain, sprains, neck pain, back pain, and other problems.

To get instant relief from these pains, we can make use of ice pack and hot pack. Just place an ice pack or hot pack over the region where you feel pain. To ease hand pain we can massage certain areas in our hands ourselves. If you experience finger pain in one hand, then you can put a little pressure on the finger that pains using the index finger of the other hand and rub it gently. You can do the same using your thumb as well.

If you experience severe pain in any of the joints, it should be brought to a Doctor’s attention at the earliest. Do not go on with treating the pain yourself at home fo the longer duration. It can complicate things further.

How to Prevent?

  1. You need to give little breaks while using electronic gadgets.
  2. Exercise regularly, do not skip your regular exercise stating some lame reasons. Be true to yourself and take care of your health.
  3. Maintain healthy nails. If you cannot maintain long nails properly then cut it down and keep it short regularly.
  4. Ensure you are seated in the right position and using the right chair to work with a computer.
  5. Try your best to reduce the usage of electronic gadgets to the maximum.
  6. Do not put too much pressure on the keyboard or touchscreen while using it.
  7. Use a soft touch keyboard, do not use hard keyboards just because they are less expensive.
  8. If you work in an Air-conditioned room, it can lead to dehydration. To prevent this, drink water at regular intervals. Doctors suggest we need to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Water will prevent muscle contraction and dehydration.
  9. Eat foods that contain broccoli, avocado, coconut, lady’s finger, beans, mushroom, pumpkin, and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber content.
  10. Make sure to consume a fruit rich in Vitamin-C every day. This includes most of the citrus fruits like orange, lemon, sweet lime etc.
  11. Avoid deep fried and fat-rich foods.

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