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10 Really Important Things to Keep in Mind While Setting up Your Bedroom

Indians, in general, spend a lot of time and attention to how they set up their pooja room or prayer room. It needs to be tidy to maintain its serenity. But when it comes to bedroom most people all over the world do not give much importance on how to set it up. Toys, laptop, laundry clothes, TV remote, you name it everything has a place inside the bedroom.

It’s time we give more importance to the bedroom it really deserves, it is really essential for our well-being and health. Because we need sleep in our daily life. A sleepless night will have its impact on the day that follows, it’s really hard task to focus on anything if you had a sleepless night.

A Bedroom must only have bed

If you ask a question, what needs to be there inside a bedroom? The answer is Bed. You need to use bedroom only for sleeping and to strengthen your sexual life. The presence of other things inside a bedroom will pave way for sleepless nights and disturbance in family relationships.

Do not bring in Television inside Bedroom

It is a bad practice to place a TV inside the bedroom. It’s necessary to switch off your TV, mobile phones and tablet 30 minutes prior to your sleep. This ensures you get complete rest for your eyes and a good night sleep. It also helps to strengthen your nervous system

Do not place your Library inside a Bedroom

It might sound visually appealing to have a library inside your bedroom, but people who read a lot should not permit books inside their bedroom. It’s bad for eyes to read while lying down on a bed. So place library elsewhere in the home, not inside the bedroom. If you have the practice of reading books before sleep, then read it in the hall or any other place inside your home and make sure to get to sleep at a fixed time.

What to do if you wake up in middle of the night?

At times you might wake up in middle of the night and it can be hard to get yourself back to sleep. At those times it is a bad idea to peek into your mobile phones or watching Television. It is better to leave your bedroom and read a book for few minutes until your eyes get tired again and your body wants to get back to sleep.

Do not place sleeping pills in close proximity to your bed

It is a good practice to keep sleeping pills away from the bedroom. Some people might find it intriguing to consume a sleeping pill if they find little hard to sleep naturally. Instead of trying to a little hard to fall asleep, they might decide to have a pill. This might lead to drug addiction on the long run which is bad for health.

Maintain a peaceful vibration inside bedroom

Making important life decisions, fighting over family and relationship issues, having a debate etc must not happen inside the bedroom. It will spoil the peaceful vibrations of it

Bedroom must be well lit during daytime and dark during night

Keep the bedroom well lit with natural light during day time and make sure its really dark before getting to sleep, using night lamps lit throughout the night is not advisable. It is only when you sleep in the pitch dark, the body secretes melatonin, a feel good hormone.

No work & Snacking inside bedroom

Keep your laptops, tablets, ultrabooks outside your bedroom, do not continue your work inside a bedroom and by all means, do not eat junk foods inside your bedroom. No work and no snacking inside your bedroom are a good practice.

Watch those Bedroom Walls

Use only light shades of wall paint for your bedroom. Dark and bright color paints might make it hard to get into the sleeping mood. You can keep photographs, paintings and wallpapers which portray natural landscapes.

Keep it protected from outside noise

It is good if the outside noise does not enter your bedroom. Listening to peaceful and serene music will induce natural sleep.

On the whole, its enough if you use your bedroom just for sleeping and nothing else.