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10 Really Cool Ways to Keep You Cool and Healthy

Summer is getting closer… though juice shops around the street corners provide a little relief, problems that arise due to excess heat does make us feel fearful. The best way to deal with it would be to change our lifestyle to fight the heat. Body heat is one of the commonly found problems in many. So how to deal with it?

Normal body’s temperature is 98.6 degrees. Slight changes in this temperature is not a problem. But if the body temperature rises beyond normal levels, it is termed as body heat. There are many reasons for body heat, that includes insomnia, dehydration, bad food habits etc.…

When does the body heat increase?

  • People who smoke and drink a lot do have high body temperature all the time.
  • During periods.
  • Traveling for a long duration.
  • Lack of sufficient sleep.
  • Sitting in a plastic chair for a long duration.
  • Not drinking enough water.

Ways to reduce body heat

Using earthen wares

Storing water in earthenwares and drinking from it will reduce body’s heat and also supplies the body with needed minerals.

Aloe Vera

Having Aloe Vera in paste form, or drinking Aloe Vera juice will prevent diseases that arise due to body heat. Aloe Vera also helps with preventing diseases related to the ovaries and protects from cancer.


Replacing white sugar with jaggery will help to reduce body’s fat, it purifies the blood, and it also strengthens tooth and bones.


Eating cucumber will control the body’s temperature. Also, cucumber is rich in water content, so it will prevent problems due to dehydration.

Butter Milk

Adding a few coriander leaves and cumin seed powder in buttermilk will reduce body’s heat and ensures healthy abdomen.


Mixing 1 tsp elachi powder in two liters of water will reduce body’s heat. Also, storing this water in copper vessels before consuming it is good for health. It will cure headache, increases urination and enhances digestion process.


Having gooseberry regularly will increase immunity in the body. It also keeps the skin cool, thereby prevents blisters that appear due to heat. Drinking gooseberry juice will reduce fat content in the body.

Fruit juices

Multivitamins present in fruit juices will give energy to the body and keeps the body cool.


Mint leaves will remove tiredness and keeps the body agile, also it helps in purifying the blood

Ice Apple

Ice apple is a super food that contains iron, water, calcium, potassium, and magnesium that keeps the body cool and healthy.


One of the best-suited fruit for summer is watermelon. It cools down the body and also helps with urination.