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10 Easy but Effective Ways to Cope with Loneliness & Isolation

For some loneliness is a blessing and for others, it’s a curse. It depends on a person’s state of mind. Letting loneliness and isolation to eat you up, or converting it into something more enjoyable and joyful is up to us. So how can we convert loneliness into more fun?

10 Ways to Deal with Loneliness & Isolation

1. If you like being alone, why do you like it? Are you really happy while you are alone? Ask these questions to yourself and find out the answers. Just be honest with yourself.

2. Find out the reason why you are lonely. Are you deprived of sleep? Do you lack proper exercise? Do you have any vitamin or nutrient deficiency? Analyze yourself.

3. Make a list of activities you enjoy doing. It can be anything like reading books, dancing, listening to music, gardening, playing with friends. And decide what are the actives you want to indulge in on a regular basis.

4. Make big plans like learning a new language by joining a class, or join a dance class to learn dance. Doing these will make you interact with new people and make new friends. It also helps a lot to prevent loneliness and isolation.

5. Take part in games that involve a team, like cricket, football or it can even be indoor games like chess.

6. Take a long trip during holidays with friends who are close to you.

7. Chat with friends and people who are close and dear to you.

8. Practicing yoga, swimming, pranayama, and walking helps a lot to decrease impacts caused due to loneliness.

9. When you start to feel very lonely and isolated, think of a person who is close to you and recall the good times you had with that person.

10. Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites while you feel lonely, try to spend these times by connecting to nature, like going to a park, going for a long walk or going for a drive. Attaching yourself with nature is the best medicine to cure isolation and loneliness.