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10 Dangerous Effects of Period Delay Tablets You Must Know

Many women in this modern day are so habituated to taking period delay pills for family functions, festivals etc.. But most of them are unaware of its consequences. These pills must only be taken with proper guidance from professional Doctors. When you take it without any proper consultation or guidance, you may have to face these consequences later.

Dangers of Period Delay Pills

  • Norethisterone acetate, Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, and Allystrenol are the tablets prescribed to delay periods. You should keep in mind that, these are the same tablets that will be prescribed for regular period cycles.
  • When you consume period delay tablets without any proper guidance or over use it, period cycles will temporarily come to a stop or it will create disturbances in period cycles.
  • Progesterone is a hormone secreted by our body. Period delay tablets are synthesized based on steroids, and they contain progesterone as well. But the level of progesterone differs with different tablets. Consuming these tablets will increase the level of this hormone in our body and delays the period.
  • For some people, Norethisterone Acetate tablet may not be the right option, as some women are restart to it. Doctors should need to clarify this with the patient before prescribing it.
  • Before consuming any of these tablets, the person should be screened with ultrasound for any abnormalities in the abdomen, and also to verify if the person is pregnant. Only after this screening test should the Doctors go ahead with their prescription.
  • At the least Doctors should check the BMI (Body Mass Index) and blood pressure.
  • Women who are younger than 20 years of age should avoid using these tablets. Also, women who are over 20 years of age should only consume it under unavoidable situations.
  • Women who suffer from skin allergies, lung infections, breast cancer, diabetes should not consume these pills.
  • If you look at the packaging of these tablets, there will be a printed list of who should avoid consuming it. Always go through the list before consuming the tablet.
  • There may be symptoms like nausea, vomiting sensation, headache while using this tablet for the first time. For some people, it can even lead to serious side effects.
  • These tablets must only be consumed once or twice a year.

How to Avoid the Side effects?

  • You can start consuming this tablet three days prior to periods and continue it for 5 consecutive days. After this you will have your periods in 5 to 10 days time, this is normal. But, if the periods are delaying beyond 10 days, then immediately consult your Doctor.
  • People with migraines and irregular periods should totally avoid using this tablet. Because it increases the chances of having a migraine during the occurrence of periods. Women with irregular periods will potentially increase the level of bleeding using this tablet.
  • There are natural methods to delay the periods, but we cannot confirm that those will work. No matter what medicine you use, it can be either Siddha, Ayurveda, or Naturopathy, always consult a specialist in that medicine before going ahead with using it.