Monsoon season usually brings in more mosquitoes, but in recent times mosquitoes are always on the high irrespective of seasons. Malaria, Dengue, chickungunya and you can list many more diseases that has its source in mosquitoes. Though there are number of products in the market that promises to chase away of kill mosquitoes, they seemed to have evolved better to resist these products. Award for one of the best inventions to kill mosquitoes must go to mosquito bat. Shocking truth is number of diseases that is cause due to mosquito repellents is much more than mosquitoes itself.

Mosquito coils

When we measure the level of dangerous ill effects that takes place due to various mosquito repellent products, one that ranks in first place would be mosquito coils. Chemicals that used to manufacture mosquito coils are really more aggressive in nature. Pesticides such as pyrethrum, dye, fungicide are some of the main ingredients in its manufacturing process. Smoke released from a single mosquito coil can cause damage that equals to 100 cigarettes. Carbon released from coils have high carcinogenic content which causes cancer. This could result in inflammation in lungs, cough, cold, wheezing, throat pain, asthma, irritation in eyes, nausea and many other diseases. Inhaling this smoke regularly may cause cancer in nose, lungs, throat and respiratory tract. Chemicals found in mosquito coil smoke will settle down on your food, if you do not cover it properly, this might in turn cause a lot of problems with stomach and digestion.

Mosquito Liquids

Mosquito repellents are also available in liquid form. At the centre of these liquid bottles is graphite rod. This road will be soaked in the liquid, when it gets warm due to electricity, liquid gets vaporised and mixed with air. This will cutoff mosquito senses, there by it stops mosquitoes from approaching humans. Mosquito liquids contain two major pesticides namely prallelthrin and allethrin, inhaling these chemicals regularly will cause problems in respiratory tract, infection in colon, running nose, allergy, infection in lungs and many more problems. In some people it could even lead to sinus problems.

Mosquito mat

Mosquito mats are available in blue color, they appear like a small chip in shape. One side of it will be pasted with silver like paper. It will also get warm with the help of electricity and chemicals present in the mat is vaporised and mixes with the air. It contains chemicals such as pyrethrum and allethrin. These chemicals can lead to headache, wheezing, cough, eye irritation and many other problems.

Mosquito Fast Card

It will burn off within three minutes, though it contains less chemicals as compared to other mosquito repellents, doesn’t mean it is any safer to use. Smoke released from these fast cards can cause allergy, infection in lungs, cough and many other problems.

It is better to avoid any kind of mosquito repellents, if there are mosquitoes in your home, its better to switch on or burn these mosquito repellents two hours before you get to sleep and make sure to close you the doors and windows in your bedroom. Then one hour before you get to sleep, open the windows and doors to let the smoke out. Doing so we can prevent the harmful effects of mosquito repellents to a certain extent. But the most intelligent decision you can make is to get inside a mosquito net, when you consider the ill effects and diseases caused due to both mosquitoes and mosquito repellents.

While chasing away mosquitoes with smoke can cause this much harm, what is the state of mosquito creams and oils?

Mosquito creams and oils

Prevent using mosquito repellents that gives out smoke if there are little kids and babies at home. For up to three months do not use any cream or oils on baby’s skin from its birth. Mosquito net is the best option. For kids aged between 3 months to 1 year, there are wet tissues that chase away mosquitoes and this is available at most baby shops. For babies over a year old, use creams as advised by a doctor. Adults can use creams that doesn’t have any odour.

Mosquito creams and oils can only be used on healthy and hygienic skin surface. For those with skin allergies and people with sensitive skin, its better to avoid these products. For some mosquito creams can cause allergy, blisters, burning sensation and other problems.

Instead of using mosquito repellents that are rich in harmful chemicals, we can prevent mosquitoes in a natural way. Mosquitoes identify us through our sweat, odour and carbondioxide. Normally mosquitoes, flies and worms gather around foul places like sewage, drainage etc. This is one of the main reasons why more mosquitoes bite people with impure blood and more toxic content. So its essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic body free of toxins.