Fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals and sprouted grains are termed as live foods, because they do breath air.

For a healthy life we need fresh foods and its very essential as well. Search for these live foods has started hundreds of years back. When we eat these live foods in their natural environment, we get maximum nutrients and nourishment from it.

Goodness of Live Foods

Fresh and green foods are rich in oxygen content in their cell structure. Plants have the capacity of producing their own food from sunlight, this is termed as photosynthesis. Live foods have the capacity of photosynthesis and are rich in oxygen as well. When we cook these live foods, oxygen contents and nutrients in it is released.

Oxygen content in live foods will help to breakdown, absorb the nutrients to our body. Enzymes in these uncooked foods are widely called as life force. When we eat uncooked foods we in take more of these enzymes, along with it the vitamins and all its nutrients to the maximum level. When we cook foods all the vitamins, minerals, salts and enzymes are reduced to a greater degree or even destroyed in same cases.

Natural nutrients, phytochemical and clean & healthy water inside foods keeps us agile and strong. Apart from increasing immunity in our body, they also flush out the harmful toxins out of our body.

Including these live foods in our daily diet, we can very easily lose weight. Its one of the easiest way to lose weight without having any unwanted stress that you are on a diet as well. Live foods slows down the ageing process. Also it reduces wrinkles on skin surface gradually. It will also make your skin to glow and make you appear more attractive.

Live foods will cure or control long lasting diseases is a proven fact. Diabetes, migraine, asthma, joint pains, stress, cancer and many other diseases includes in this list.

List of Live Foods

  1. Coriander, mint, curry leaves, cabbage, celery, wheat grass, lemon grass.
  2. Carrot, beet root, tomato, onion, cucumber, broccoli, lady’s finger, capsicum, cauliflower flower and turmeric
  3. Sprouted grains are the source of vitamins, mineral salts and essential amino acids, including sprouted grains to your daily diet is vital.
  4. Eating seasonal fruits on those particular season is good.
  5. Almond, walnut, pistachio and other nuts, sunflower seeds are rich in life force.

Changing your diet to live foods all of a sudden can be a pretty hard task, but including some of these live foods in to your daily diets step by step will make the job a lot easier. Lets eat healthy and stay healthy.