Just came across this news on Christian Post Website, which makes me to doubt the whole claim this man made, but nonetheless if this is really true I appreciate the God for helping this man out, and not helping my Mom for not having the same mercy he showed towards Hart.

Coming back to the topic, Hal hart was supposedly diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2008 for which he was treated with a surgery. He thought he was free of cancer and back to normal until 2011 when he found that his back started to give him more pain, he thought it could be his bad mattress and when he seeked professional assistance by 2012 and consulted a doctor with his condition, his scan reports proved that he has cancer all over the body which cannot be treated surgically anymore.

Hart immediately gathered his family and started to pray to God to heal him, he also rejected any chemotherapy because he was sure that God will heal him.

Hart started to take in Tarceva which is an alternative to Chemotherapy which doctors would suggest that it will postpone the inevitable.

Miraculously after taking in Tarceva for few months Hart started to feel a lot better and his pain started to disappear. His PET scans also proved that he is cancer free which surprised not only him but also his physicians.

Hart Oncologist, Tammy Young believes that Tarceva has proved to be very responsive to hart’s cancer but also feels that his prayers did played a vital role.

Hart continues to take in Tarceva and he still prays to God everyday thanking him to have made him to go through his cancer.

I am not saying you should believe in God and give up your treatment for Cancer, I think the right approach would be to take in the treatment you would be comfortable with and believe in God that he is helping you through the treatment, it doesn’t matter God exist or not but strong belief in something superior that help a lot to strengthen your mind and fight the disease.

Here is the video of Hart