It doesn’t matter how much you love your kids and how much you enjoy seeing them around every single day. You cannot deny to let them go when the situation arises is it not? Separation from kids does create a sort of mental disturbance in parents.

It is normal to feel mentally heavy for parents when their kids leave them. But this heaviness can transform in to disease if not given proper attention.

One of the main identity for children is their parents. No matter how their life turns out be, both personally and professionally, parents never fail to love their children. But when a point comes in life when their children have to leave them, they undergo a mental trauma. This is empty nest syndrome. As most men are engaged in their work for the most part of their day, they are not much affected by this problem. Its women who are most affected. Also its mothers who spend most of their time with kids.

During these times parents do undergo some changes. They always keep talking about their children. They want to spend most of their time alone. They will look sad always. There will always be feeling of insecurity that lurks their mind on whether their kids are safe. They do not want to go out, and spend most of their time locked inside home. They will feel more depressed. They have regret feelings like they could have done this and that while their kids were around.

How to cope up with this?

Your expectations with your kids needs to be more realistic. You should not compare your children with other kids. You need understand your children’s situation and be aware of their future. You should get rid of the thought that your kids are not looking after you. Its really important to feel more confident in these situations. With advancements in information and technology, its always possible to be in touch with your children. So learn to use mobile phones and tablets.

You should spend more time with your other relatives and friends.

You must spend time on your interests and entertainment which you avoided because you were too busy taking care of your kids in the past.

You can develop friendship with other parents who are in the similar situation like yourself. Sharing their experiences on how they went through all the mental traumas can be of great help for you.

You need to have right food habits. Practices like yoga and meditation will be of great help to keep the mind under control.

How to Prevent?

There are some easy and simple ways to prevent empty nest syndrome problem. Lets take a look at those.

  • Realise that its the next phase in your life when your kids leave you.
  • Taking right foods at the right time and doing regular physical exercise can be of great help.
  • Do not interfere way too much in to your children’s life.
  • Be aware of the fact that your children will leave you in a few years and be mentally prepared for it.
  • Its necessary to keep your mind under control. give more importance to your children’s future. Give your children all the necessary freedom.
  • You can join some course and make new friends to avoid being alone.
  • Go on for vacation with your husband and friends
  • Getting rid of unwanted fear in your mind is the first step to deal with this problem.

Hope these simple tips helps you to overcome this unwanted problem. Be happy and stay happy.