Damages and scratches on our skin surface is unavoidable. We only give attention to them when it reaches the intolerable level. On most occasions we just continue with our other tasks ignoring it. But we cannot just ignore all wounds and injuries on our skin surface. Bacterias and germs which causes various skin problems like blisters, swelling etc.. can enter through these wounds.

Bacterias, viruses, parasites and fungi are the main reasons for skin infections. These are commonly called as skin microbiome. Number of bacterias on our skin surface is nearly 1 trillion. This includes both good and bad bacterias. When there is a cut on the skin surface, these bacterias starts to grow. Places like space between the thighs and arm pits have maximum contact between two skin surfaces, so these spots have high levels bacteria. There will be bacterial growth even if there is a scratch on the skin surface.

Our skin has natural resistive power. Keratin present in the outer layers of the skin is a kind of protection for the skin. Skin cells has its growth in the region between dermis and epidermis. Skin cells will shred off once in every 28 days and starts to grow again. Unwanted bacterias will also be removed during this shredding cycle.

Sebum which is secreted by skin has the natural tendency to kill bacterias. When there is excess levels of sebum secretion, it leads to pimples. Sebum helps to keep off dryness on the skin surface. This stop the growth of bacteria.

Bacterias will also be flushed out with sweat. Chemicals called Antimicrobial peptides which are present in the skin will also fight against bacterias.

Bacterias Responsible for Skin Infections

Two popular bacterias namely streptococcus, staphylococcus plays a major role in many skin infections.


Streptococcus is the main reason for abscesses infection that is found in hair roots. Reverse shave leads to this problem. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotic tablets or antibiotic creams for this problem. This bacteria is also the reason behind blisters which are believed to be formed due to excessive body heat. Many people have the habit of applying turmeric paste or turmeric powder over infections or blisters. This can make the problem much worse. When there is a cluster of blisters or pimples formed at the back of neck region, its necessary to take tests for possible kidney problems. In some cases these pimples needs to be cut and cleaned properly. When there is pimples combined with fever, Doctor might prescribe antibiotic medicines.


Some people have the habit of their biting nails. These people have high probability for nail infection called acute paronychia. This infection is caused due to staphylococcus bacteria. Treating this infection might need antibacterial medicines. Also it might require cutting open skin surface and cleaning the infection.


Cellulites is a severe bacterial infection. This type of infection will lead to swelling and reddening of the skin surface. This is caused when there is bacterial growth in the inner surfaces of the skin. There will be no lump or bump due to this on skin surface, rather it will appear as swelling. This is caused due to streptococcus bacteria. This occurs mainly to kids in play schools, sports people, army personnels and others who spend most of their time in teams or gangs of large number of people.


Impetigo is a bacterial infection which mainly affects the children who play in sand. It will appear as honeycomb like formation near mouth and nose regions. If left unattended this can even lead to kidney failure. Parents needs to make sure their kids are clean after playing with sand.


Infection caused due to carnobacterium can lead to pinkish or brown patches in armpits. This infection is called as erythrasma, its commonly found in people who are obese and those who might have kidney problems.