Feeling of thirst helps our body to maintain normal body temperature and to maintain normal bodily functions based on seasonal changes. Thirst is a natural thing. Its normal to feel thirsty after having a meal, after a hard workout session and while roaming around in hot sunlight. But for some people, thirst is a frequent happening. Also no amount of water would be able to quench their thirst. These could be signs of some problems in body.

Why thirst?

Our body is made of 70% water. Starting from small muscles to bones contain water. When the body is deprived of water, there is a decrease in the level of oxygen. So our brain indicates the need for water in the form of thirst.

What is excessive thirst?

A normal person needs around 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. When a person feels the need to drink more than these normal amount of water, it is called as excessive thirst.

What is the reason for excessive thirst?

Excessive thirst could be a sign that there is a problem in the body. Some people could feel excessive thirst when they are about to catch cold. apart from this it could also be a sign for other problems in the body.

1. Dehydration

When glands in our body starts to secrete lesser amount of fluids, it creates water scarcity in the body. This leads to loss of water in the body. This leads to excessive thirst. There are some reasons for this.

  • Body is not in good healthy condition
  • Roaming in hot sunlight
  • Excessive sweating due to various body problems.
  • Frequent urination

2. Diabetes Mellitus

When there is excessive levels of sugar in the blood, kidneys cannot take it. This will hinder the workings of kidneys. Due to this reason a person will start to feel excessive thirst. So it could also be a symptom of diabetes Mellitus

3. Diabetes Insipidus

There will be frequent urination problem, when there is low level secretion of Antidiuretic hormone in the brain, this can trigger excessive thirst. This problem is termed as Diabetes Insipidus. This can be controlled using proper treatment.

4. Hyperglycemia

Hyglycemia is a stage when all of a sudden the blood glucose levels starts to shoot up beyond the normal level. In order to maintain the normal glucose level, our body will trigger urination more frequently. This leads to dehydration and excessive thirst. This problem can be controlled by controlling the blood glucose levels.

5. Mental problems

Anxiety and depression sometimes trigger the need for high levels of water. Problems like Food poison and Gastroenteritis also cause excessive thirst in some people.

Who needs to be more watchful?

Most victims of excessive thirst are women. If a woman over 40 years of age feels excessive thirst, there is a 70% chance that it could be due to diabetes. So its better to test for diabetes immediately. For woman over 60 years of age, Dyspepsia is one of the main cause for excessive thirst. Dyspepsia brings along high blood pressure as well. Its important to keep that in mind.