Eating too fast causes hiccups. Some believe shock treatment is the best way to deal with it and even try it out. Rare occurrence of hiccups is not a problem. For some people its a regular occurrence, even drinking water will not help to arrest it. Why does hiccups occur regularly? What could be the problems related to frequent hiccups? What is the real solution to this problem?

Why hiccups?

Space that separates the upper part which contains lungs and heart, and the lower part which has the abdominal cavity has large sheet of muscle called diaphragm. Disturbance that occurs in this region is the reason for hiccups. When we breath the chest cavity expands, when the abdominal cavity expands more than its normal size, diaphragm also expands due to this blocking it from functioning normally, this results in hiccups.

When do hiccups occur?

Hiccups that occur  while Eating way too fast, drinking water without any break, drinking hot drinks quickly after drinking a cold one, eating spicy foods are normal or harmless hiccups.

Frequent and uncontrollable hiccups could be an indication of a disease. Problems with kidney or brain disease could trigger uncontrollable hiccups. So its better to consult a doctor when a person suffers from frequent hiccups.

what are the effects of hiccups?

Problems with lungs, brain and excess levels of blood cells could induce continuous or frequent hiccups. So identifying the problem and treating it accordingly will be the best solution. Hiccups could last for months if its not treated properly so its best to treat it at the earliest.

What are the solutions?

Hiccups on rare occasions is a normal one, there is no need to take in tablets or medicines for rare hiccups.

Drinking water will not stop hiccups, but change in focus while drinking water does it.

Drinking water slowly will stop hiccups

Some people prefer shock treatments to stop hiccups, but this is a very bad practice. Do not attempt this type of treatment for heart patients, as this may sometimes lead to heart attacks. If the person on hiccups changes his focus on other things, it may stop his hiccups temporarily.

Occurrence of frequent hiccups that are continuous can be considered as a caution. Knowing the exact cause of this type of hiccups should be identified and treated accordingly.

How to prevent hiccups from happening?

Eating stomach full must be avoided, eat only till the stomach is half full.

Cold and hot drinks should not be taken together.

Eating way too fast must be avoided, always eat slowly.

On most occasions these are the common reasons for hiccups, if a person avoids these practices, it should be enough to prevent hiccups from happening.