Legs and foot are the parts that bares almost all of the weight of the human body. Its one of the most miraculous part in human body withstanding tons of stress our body puts on it. Our foot is made of 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 50 muscles and over 2.5 lakhs sweat glands. Apart from baring the body’s weight, its also a part that where body’s problems are exposed. One of those problems is foot corn. Usually foot corn’s are formed at the sole part of the foot, because of this detecting it at an early stage is quite difficult.

What are the symptoms?

When there is continuous stress in our foot, skin in the sole gets whitened and gets hard eventually. Due to this the outer layer of the skin starts to dried off and blisters starts to appear. Sometimes this can lead to pus formation which could lead to bleeding as well. It gives out unbearable pain while standing and walking. Commonly foot corn is found in the sole part of foot. Rarely foot corns are even found in foot fingers, main reasons for it being not taking care of the foot properly and not maintaining minimum hygiene while wearing footwear and shoes.

What are the reasons?

Foot corns are mainly formed due to too much stress on the body and foot. Apart from this wearing small sized footwear that are no match which gives undue stress to the foot can also lead to foot corn. One other main reason being walking on barefoot can sometimes lead to minor cuts in the sole, also lead to skin getting thickened in this area, but most people do not take those cuts or bruises seriously.

Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular disease can also lead to foot corn. Allergies in foot, increase in body heat or temperature, germs in the unhygienic places also leads to foot corn.

What are the treatments?

Cleaning your foot with soap. Using doctor prescribed ointment over well cleaned foot. Applying dekeratinization creams like moisturisers on foot. Keratin in these creams will help to remove dead cells. For some foot corn needs to be removed surgically. Home remedies for foot corn and treating it yourself can be quite dangerous, especially for patients with diabetes this can sometime lead to amputating foot itself. So its always better and best practice to consult a Doctor.

Precautions for foot corn

Keeping the foot clean and hygienic is essential, washing it off with soap and drying it with a towel is necessary on a daily basis.

Wearing rightly sized footwear is really necessary.

Wearing small sized shoes that gives undue stress over foot and also wearing really big sized shoes that are lose should be avoided.

For those who are affected with foot corn, getting advice from Doctor before choosing a footwear is recommended.