Constipation can be quite depressing. Results of modern lifestyle such as tension, stress, insomnia, diabetes & cancer are some of the many reasons for constipation. Knowing right reason for constipation and treating it accordingly can bring much needed relief to the problem.

What is Constipation?

Food we eat should get digested and excreted from the system within 16 to 24 hours. Colon should push waste to rectum and it needs to be released out of the body. For some reason if the waste is not excreted completely, disturbance with excretion, drying up of poop, feeling of unfinished excretion or lack of excretion at all are termed as constipation.

What are the reasons for constipation?

  1. In the present lifestyle many of us do think excreting is a nuisance. Controlling the shit when the body needs to excrete it, not spending enough time for excretion or finishing off pooping in r
  2. Bad food habits or not consuming foods rich in finer content, not eating greens, vegetables, fruits can lead to constipation
  3. Not drinking enough water
  4. Drinking soft drinks and alcohol
  5. Stress, tension and other mental problems
  6. Developing a habit of drinking tea or coffee before pooping and continuing with it.

Is pooping more than once a day a problem?

No. It changes from person to person, number of times a person poops varies with his food habits and place. Its absolutely normal to poor once, twice or even three times a day. It also varies depending up on the waste produced by the body. Not pooping even once a day needs to be attended. In western countries its normal for them to not to poop for even couple of days, its their lifestyle.

What is the reason for prolonged constipation? What needs to be done about it?

Our food needs to be rich in fiber content. Water intake should match with our fiber intake. . not doing so will lead to poop getting dry and thin. Due to this reason it becomes hard to poop.

Also when the solid and liquid foods we intake reaches the colon crossing intestines it becomes semi solid, its the place where the body consumes water. When a person doesn’t drink enough water, colon absorbs most of its water from poop, leading to dry poop, hence constipation.

Postponing to poop due to various works is one of the main reason for constipation. Longer the poop stays in colon, more water is absorbed from poop. As the time pass by poop gets more hard and solid.

So its really essential to intake right amount of finer and water in our daily diet.

Is there are link between diabetes and constipation?

Yes, People suffering from diabetes have very high probability for constipation. Healthy nerves are a must for proper functioning of our intestines and digestive system. Nerves tend to be weak for people suffering from prolonged diabetes. This is termed as autonomic neuropathy.

Is it true prolonged constipation leads to cancer?

Its not true that prolonged constipation leads to cancer, on the other hand one of the reason for constipation could be cancer.

Is there a link between medicines and constipation? what kind of medicines cause constipation?

Some medicines do have links to constipation. Antacid medicines that contain aluminium and calcium, iron tablets, medicines used for psychological problems can cause constipation.

How to identify constipation?

Constipation occurs at colon region. First its necessary to identify if there is any problems with colon or if the constipation occurs due to wrong diet. If there is a suspicion that there could be problems with colon, then it can be identified with colonoscopy.

Do exercising bring relief to constipation?

Exercise is really essential for people who sit and work for a long durations. Constipation is a common problem for people leading unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. So its vital that these people exercise for at least an hour every day.

What is the right treatment for constipation?

Medicines could only bring temporary solution. Leading a healthy lifestyle is vital. Drinking enough water and eating right foods is essential. On most occasions our meals have less amount of vegetables and fruits, instead we in take larger quantities of rice or wheat. Eating larger quantities of fruits and vegetables is a must. Trying out home remedies or treating constipation yourself can be dangerous. Taking in tablets for loose motion or diarrhea without doctors prescription could damage sensory nerves in colon.

What are the foods that needs to consumed by people with constipation?

Banana, Banana flower, radish, cabbage, carrot, beet root, beans, cucumber, lady’s finger, greens, foods rich in finer content can be consumed. Vegetables and fruits rich in water content be consumed as well.